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Mortal Coil Games is looking for talented professionals willing to work on a soon to be funded MMORPG project. Multiverse3D is a visionary new game with many never before seen features. We are seeking creative thinkers who are willing to accept new ideas and try new things. The project is in the alpha-testing phase. Jobs are volunteer until funding is procured (within a year). We are currently working out equity or back pay options at this time. Living in the MA, US area is also a plus, or willingness to relocate there once funding is procured. Candidates must also have at least 5 hours a week to spend on the project. Due to legal concerns, we are only able to accept team members who are 18 or older. Please email any questions or resumes to jobs.

Advanced C++ Programmer

  • Programming in C++ for at least 5 years
  • Good knowledge of 3D Engine Design
  • Network programming basics
  • UI Coding
  • Good documentation skills
  • Game Programming Experience
  • Knowledge of Python a plus
  • Team player
The ideal candidate would have in depth knowledge of templates, abstract classes, and multi-threaded code. S/he should have good organizational skills both related to code and otherwise. S/he should be willing to learn and use 3rd party libraries as our 3D engine is a 3rd party LGPL library. Please have code samples ready.

3D Character Modeler

  • 2 Years Experience
  • Model various humanoid characters
  • Animating characters
  • 3D Studio Max knowledge
  • Model scenery, buildings, objects a plus
  • Basic Python Knowledge a plus
  • Team player
The ideal candidate here would have various modeling experience in addition to a strong ability to create humanoid models. S/he should also be able to animate those models. Must have online portfolio or be able to email samples.

Other Help Wanted

  • Business Partner
  • Database Administrator
  • Project Manager
If you don't fill any of the spots listed previously on this page and would still like to help, feel free to email Mortal Coil Games Jobs with what you would like to help out on. We are open to help on many different levels. Another great way to help out would be to post on the forums!

Email Mortal Coil Games Jobs if you are interested in helping out!
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