Siegium lets you take control of a medieval battlefield. Watch as the enemy's walls crumble before your massive siege engines. With realistic physics from the Open Dynamics Engine, you can experience much more realistic siege warfare.

Siegium features amazing 3D graphics through Crystal Space, advanced physics with ODE, and hierarchical AI to cut down on tedious micromanaging of troops. Another unique feature of Siegium is that it is highly geared towards user expandability. You can add your favorite siege engines or even make up new ones and share them with others. Best of all, Siegium's core is open source! Siegium will be available to download for free along with several sample levels and siege engines. Additional scenarios will be available at a small cost. So, sound the charge and defeat your enemies!

Multiverse3D is a third generation massively multiplayer role playing game featuring state of the art 3D graphics, an incredibly interactive worlds, and artificial intelligence far beyond any current game. Development on MV3D began in 1998 and has continued since. Mortal Coil Games is putting all their efforts into the project with hopes it will be ready in a couple of years.

The game consists of multiple connected worlds in which players will be able to immerse themselves. It boasts an artificial intelligence based game engine capable of managing realistic non-player characters, player-tailored quests, and advanced physics interactions. These and many other advantages over current and second generation MMORPGs bring MV3D to the table as a contender in the third generation MMORPG arena.

The main idea behind the project is to have a single "multiverse" or collection of universes in only one game instance. (most MMORPGs have several instances of their game world) The worlds will be completely dynamic and evolve heavily over time. In addition, players will be given many creative freedoms in creating and developing their characters.

From sci-fi to medieval fantasy, from vampires to conspiracy theories, we hope to have something for everyone. The Multiverse is coming, online gamers beware!

For more information, screenshots, and forums, see the official Multiverse3D web page.

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