About Mortal Coil Games

Mortal Coil Games was founded in 2002 as a computer game development company. We specialize in the creation of massively multiplayer online worlds. Our first project is Multiverse3D, a MMORPG featuring multiple universes, strong AI, and immersive 3D graphics. We strive to bring the latest and most advanced online gaming experience. Behind the game lies new technologies and creative applications of older technologies.

The online worlds are completely dynamic and all content can be changed on the fly. This makes for incredible interactivity between players and the game worlds. In addition, instead of multiple separate copies of the world, we have multiple worlds running at the same time. It is possible (though not often likely) that players can hop from one world to another.

The artificial intelligence techniques used in the game have not appeared before in video games. Computer controlled players use a combination of knowledge bases, fuzzy logic, and goals to determine their actions. With the addition of a natural language module integrated into the knowledge bases, they are able to respond to players in plain English or any other language they are translated to.

Using concepts from various internet applications, the server software is able to perform self load-balancing across multiple servers. With built in automated fail-over mechanisms, users will hardly notice if a connection to a server is disrupted.

The game engine relies on artificial intelligence to watch over what players are doing. It is able to make attempts to create a fun experience customized to each player by setting up tailor made quests. The game keeps information on how much fun it thinks the player is having and adjusts accordingly.

Because of the disparate worlds, a context sensitive user interface controls what options are available at what time. This allows the user interface to transition from walking around to driving a car or flying a plane without user intervention. It draws from various clues given by the surrounding area.

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