Mike Handverger

a.k.a Sir Golan
CEO & Founder

Mike wrote his first computer program in the mid 80's. Since then, he's written all sorts of software ranging from Artificial Intelligence simulations to training software. He's worked for several software development companies and was lead programmer on two projects. Above all, he enjoys developing games. He released a text adventure game called Multiverse in the early 90's as freeware. Since then, the concept has grown and he began the current Multiverse3D MMORPG game in 1998. Mike has been a part of a Live Action Role Playing group since its beginning in the early 90's and is an avid role-player. He also enjoys composing music and shooting films in his seldom found spare time.

Mike brings to the team a combination of project management skills, game design skills, and 12 years of C/C++ coding experience as well as a 10+ year background in role playing. He also has a strong history of completing projects. Finally, Mike brings the vision of the Multiverse.

Kelly Beckwith Handverger

a.k.a Kelthulu
World Design

Kelly Beckwith Handverger comes to the team with seven years of experience i n playing, designing and administrating text-based online role-playing games. She first started her life as a closet gamer playing Dungeons and Dragons in college, and she then moved to Multi-User Shared Hallucinations (MUSHes), which she found to be a rich creative environment. She has staffed on and aided in the construction of various MUSHes, including those in the DragonLance, World of Darkness and Pern (Anne McAffrey) themes. She has also constructed her own MUSH environment, from background story to building the in-character grid. Outside of her experience as a MUSH administrator and builder, she continues to participate in live-action role-playing on occasion.

Kelly brings a wealth of life experience and a fresh viewpoint to the team. She earned her B.S. in Biology in 1997 with Departmental Honors from Washington College and since then, has worked as a research associate in biotechnology. She has found her knowledge of biology - human and otherwise - to be a great asset in the design of realistic worlds. She is also able to aid the team's 3-D artists with realistic anatomical drawings, as she has some artistic talent. Her preferred medium is charcoal/pencil and paper, though she also dabbles in some computer-aided graphic design. Kelly also specializes in the use of Microsoft Excel, having both used it extensively in her life as a researcher and taken advanced courses in its usage.

Kelly's interests also include music, as she is a talented (if out of practice) guitar player and likes to think she sings an alto part well. She's been studying Middle Eastern dance for three years, and is delving into the study of American Tribal Style dance. She enjoys sewing and costume-design, and is an avid reader. She considers herself to be something of a Tolkien expert, having read his Lord of the Rings trilogy between fifty and one hundred times, as well as repeat readings of The Silmarillion. Her other favorite authors include Louise Cooper, David Eddings, Robin Hobbs, Patricia Cornwell and Stephen King. Finally, Kelly greatly values and enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, mother and brothers. She has been greatly saddened by the recent loss of her beloved father, Alan.

Ian Wells

a.k.a Sectaurs
2D & 3D Artist

Ian is a 20 year-old living in a basement apartment in Maine. This is his first major foray into the game developing world, though he has been an avid gamer for most of his life. He started the website About Milk in early 2001 and enjoyed success, posting over 60 stories and generating a modest reader-base before deciding to shut down the site in 2002, when he moved to his current residence. His time is largely spent reading, writing, drawing, beating on drums, or scraping together enough money for the latest video game.

Ian joins the team as a general 2D artist, providing conceptual art and a unique look to the game. He brings his skill with Photoshop, self-taught over the past 4 years, a familiarity with MMORPGs, and his enthusiasm to prove himself.

Rik Vargard

a.k.a Rik
Concept Art and Music

Rik Vargard crashed on the planet earth on the ninth day of June, 1972. He discovered the pencil... and learned how to hold it...

He studied drawing, painting, sculpture, music and decoration during his seven years in high school. After that he continued to study drawing at different "superior" schools, and during those years, music began to take a larger place in his life. The day he got FastTracker2 changed everything. Since then, he has been tracking more and more, drawing taking less and less place in his activities.

Rik has done a lot of drawing and music for a wide variety of events in Belgium and France. Of course, Rik doesn't draw and compose from early morning until nightfall. His free time is well-filled, too - filled with role-playing and computer games. He has been role-playing for as long as he can remember. From pen-and-paper, to live-action, wargames and MMORPG, he likes to think he is a fully experienced player. Of course, most of his computer games have been RPG related. He also likes to play board games, go to the movies, cooking (if it doesn't take all afternoon), play tin whistle, go out at night and party, walk in the woods, look at the stars... One day, he dreamed of a project that could assemble all of his hobbies. Some time after that, he discovered Multiverse 3D...

Allister MacLeod

a.k.a Glamdring
C++ & Python Coding

Allister has been dabbling with computers ever since he was a wee lad (in, you guessed it, the mid 1980's) and he's been writing programs for them since the late 80's. Allister also enjoys learning programming languages. The first language he learned was VIC-20 BASIC, and his repertoire now includes GWBasic, C, Lisp, SmallTalk and Python. More recently, Allisterhas become a great fan of open-source software, particularly Linux and the GNU Project. He believes that open source programs tend to be better-written than their proprietary counterparts. He also feels that the sense of freedom in the open source community greatly appeals to his lackadaisical hippie sentimentalities.

In the mid 1990's, before Internet access had become widespread outside universities, Allister ran a local BBS (bulletin board service) called the Rogue's Guild. In his capacity as SysOp, he administered a number of online turn-based games including Trade Wars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon and Barren Realms Elite. Also under his purview were an active message board and a shareware file trading service. Clearly, gaming has also been one of Allister's main interests. His first exposure to Hack (a precursor to NetHack) introduced him to a Dungeons and Dragons-like system, and since then, he has participated in numerous role-playing games, both pen-and-paper and live action.

Finally, Allister also enjoys music and acting. Although he is of only mediocre talent with instruments, he is an accomplished amateur when it comes to the singing of folk songs. Many of his favorites draw on the folk traditions of England, Scotland and Nova Scotia, as well as maritime tradition in general. Allister has acted and sung in a number of amateur musical productions.

Daniel LaLiberte

a.k.a Liberte
Python Programmer

Coming soon...

Brent Dooley

a.k.a MeanTex
3D Modeler

Coming soon...

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